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Broken Planet Tracksuit

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Broken Planet Sweatpant

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Broken Planet Sweatpant

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Broken Planet T-Shirt

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Broken Planet T-Shirt

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Broken Planet Streetwear Clothing

Changing trends and styles constantly in the fashion industry make it a worldwide attraction. Recently, this dynamic industry has grown in popularity and influence. Fashion is fast-paced and there’s a new player emerging that’s trying to revolutionize the way things are done. A unique and groundbreaking style emerges from the seamless blend of streetwear and sustainability at Broken Planet. 

As a brand that combines streetwear and sustainability in concert, Broken Planet Market is the future of urban fashion. The brand has an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and aims to redefine fashion consumption. Bringing streetwear and sustainability together is the brand’s unique aesthetic. The brand designs inspire modern youth through urban landscapes and subcultures. They offer a stylish and eco-friendly collection that incorporates bold and edgy streetwear styles.

Broken Planet’s Mission to Sustainability

Indrè Narbutaitè and Lukas Vilkas created Broken Planet Market to offer sustainable streetwear. Lukas and Indrè initially started the clothing brand as a passion project. In less than 40 minutes, their first drop sold out thanks to a viral video that went viral on social media a week before their first drop. 

Using platforms such as TikTok, their creative social media marketing strategies have attracted over 50,000 customers worldwide since they first teamed up. Outer space and American hip-hop stars inspires them. As a sustainable fashion brand, Broken Planet Market uses materials to create garments, each of which undergoes a slow shipping process as a means of protecting the planet.

According to Lukas and Indrè

“We hate trends – that’s a fact. As people that don’t like fast fashion, we can say that confidently.”

Introducing Broken Planet’s Unique London Pop-Up

Breaking Planet is set to remain a major player in the UK streetwear market. Brand and Scratch Collective are preparing an immersive event to take place on Saturday in Shoreditch.

It will also include limited friends and family offerings as well as Broken Planet’s latest ‘Cosmic Speed’ collection. Additionally, Floozie Cookies, Can O Water and Karma Drinks are providing refreshments for the event.

It appears that the brand is building a broken planet market for its launch, although details are fairly hush-hush. It’s going to be quite a spectacle when Broken Planet hosts its ‘Cosmic Speed’ pop-up on Saturday, the 5th. This is the only Broken Planet, so be sure to check out their clothing collection, including hoodies, shirts, tracksuits, and more.

Broken Planet Market Hoodie 

Those who wish to make a statement will appreciate the versatility and style of the Hoodie. A high-quality hoodie that’s comfortable and durable. Unique design ensures attention wherever you go. A broken planet graphic is printed on the front of the hoodie. Because of its details and vibrant colors, this design stands out visually. If you love science fiction or just love artistic designs, this hoodie will be right up your alley. Wearing the Broken Planet Hoodie is not only stylish but also extremely comfortable. Whether it’s chilly days or cooler evenings, the soft fabric will keep you warm and cozy. Stay warm and dry even in harsh weather conditions thanks to the hood.

Broken Planet Market T-Shirt

The t-shirt represents sustainability and self-expression more than just clothing. Featuring a variety of colors and styles, this t-shirt allows individuals to showcase their personal style and values. We used sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in the t-shirt. This t-shirt supports an environmentally conscious fashion choice. Fashion and sustainability meet in the t-shirt. The versatility of this piece makes it convenient for a variety of outfits and occasions.

Whether it’s a casual or formal event, you can wear this t-shirt. Besides being stylish, the broken planet t-shirt also contains a powerful message about protecting our environment. This shirt encourages sustainable fashion practices by sparking conversations and raising awareness.

Broken Planet Market Tracksuit

It’s perfect to make a fashion statement in a stylish tracksuit like the Broken Planet. Because it is made with precision, you can wear it comfortably and look good in it. It has a long lifespan and is made of high-quality materials. Its durable design can handle both casual outings and intense workouts. A wide range of sizes and shapes are available for every type of tracksuit. Broken planet tracksuit is eye-catching and unique. This tracksuit stands out from other tracksuits on the market because of its bold color combinations. Tracksuit’s stitching and overall craftsmanship reflect high-end design.

Broken Planet Sweatpants

Sweatpants are stylish and comfortable sweatpants that make a fashion statement for individuals. Modern-day consumers demand sweatpants that are sustainable and high-quality. Edgy and contemporary design defines Sweatpants. A broken planet market has inspired our sweatpants, which incorporate bold graphics and abstract patterns. Design is not only eye-catching but also reflects the brand’s passion for individuality. Broken planet sweatpants offer a variety of looks, both minimalist and vibrant

Broken Planet Market Shorts

Warm weather and recreation usually call for shorts. Clothing that covers the lower body from waist to thighs is comfortable and covers the lower body well. Various styles, lengths, and materials are available so that people can choose shorts that are right for them. Often casual and rugged, Broken planet shorts feature a denim fabric and are made from denim fabric. Casual and semi-casual occasions can be dressed up with t-shirts, tank tops, or blouses with denim shorts.

Broken planet Hoodie

Worn by Starz

Breaking Planet, a brand that has recently gained significant attention and popularity, has received endorsements from various celebrities, which have further contributed to its appeal. Renowned figures from different walks of life have been spotted wearing the brand’s distinctive hoodies, thereby adding to their exclusivity and desirability.

One of the standout items from Breaking Planet’s collection is the Broken Planet tracksuit, which has been sported by the popular artist Nafe Small. This tracksuit not only showcases the brand’s innovative design but also reflects the wearer’s discerning taste and desire to stand out from the crowd.

In addition to the tracksuit, another notable celebrity endorsement comes from Digga D, who has been seen wearing the Broken Planet hoodie with the happiness print. This particular hoodie not only captures the essence of the brand’s cosmic inspiration but also reflects the wearer’s cheerful and vibrant personality.

Frequently Asked Question

What Fabrics Do We Use?

Fabrics of the highest quality and sustainability are used at Broken Planet. Most of our products are made from organic cotton or recycled polyester. Our clothes are made from these materials because they are eco-friendly and they enhance their quality at the same time. In addition to being sustainable, it is durable and comfortable.

What are Our Fabric Sourced From?

All of our factories score highly for workers’ involvement and safety, rights to freedom, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, fair wages, and ethical business practices. A thorough inspection of our factories ensures no child labor, bonded labour, or precarious employment occurs.

Originally recycled and processed in China, our organic cotton is grown in Vietnam. Our factories in China create safe work environments and care for their employees even though China has a poor reputation for unethical labour. Our partner factories in China undergo annual factory audits by the foreign trade association (Amfori). Our clothes are produced more efficiently and sustainably thanks to the technological advances made in China.

Shipping & Return Method

Shipping: Broken Planet provides you with a variety of shipping options to ensure you receive your products on time. Delivery times and options may differ based on your location. Shipping policies on our site explain how and when our products are shipped, the cost of shipping, and when delivery is estimated.

Returns: When it comes to your purchase, our goal is to meet your expectations. Broken Planet products can be returned hassle-free if you are not satisfied. Please refer to our Return Policy for more information about the steps you need to follow when initiating a return.

Broken Planet Foundation

The broken planet foundation was founded in 2021. We decided to create our own foundation instead of donating to other foundations to ensure the money and resources were used effectively. We have to pass multiple checks and standards before establishing our own foundation. Our process is near its conclusion, and a final approval is pending.

Raffles held by friends and family have raised more than £100,000 so far. Only 15 exclusive friends and family hoodies are up for grabs during our drops on our website. 1-2 missions will be done in vulnerable communities each year in the future. Finding solutions and making a difference is the focus of our efforts. As well as providing money and resources, we want to help make changes. People can watch how their raffle tickets were spent by watching the mini-documentaries that will be released after every mission. We will announce our first mission in early 2023 once our foundation is approved and officially established.